5 Things You Should Know About Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent hair procedure that smoothens out frizz and adds shine to hair. This treatment breaks the structural bond of hair, reseals it to a straighter form and then seals it with a blow dry and iron.

1. Keratin treatments are not straightening treatments.

If you walk into a salon thinking that you’ll walk out with permanent straightening results, then you’ll be heavily disappointed. Keratin treatments Gordon smooth out hair frizz and enable you to straighten hair easier. Each time after you wash your hair, it won’t dry dead straight however it will be visibly smoother and easier to manage.

2. Keratin treatments are not permanent

The longevity of keratin treatments depends on your hair type and also your hair care routine. They can last anywhere from 2 months to 6 months and this is determined by the products you use, the way you style your hair and the number of times you wash your hair. Using a sulphate free shampoo is essential to prolonging the effects of your keratin treatment as sulphates are very harsh and rid your scalp of its natural oils.

3. Take precautions in minimising creasing and kinking

Do not style or touch your hair within 2 weeks of undergoing a keratin treatment as elastics can cause dents in your hair strands. Keep your hair straight and loose as long as possible to ensure it can remain kink free. This also includes changing up your cotton pillowcases to a silkier material that won’t tug or cause friction on your hair. Satin or silk pillowcases are great choices in minimising hair breakage and reducing friction which can lead to tangled hair.

4. Avoid using heat styling tools

Heat styling tools can remove the keratin layer on your hair very quickly which means you’ll have to get touch up treatments sooner than expected. Natural drying is best for any hair after undergoing a chemical treatment as it minimises breakages and potential damage.

5. Don’t go swimming or use salt styling sprays on your keratin treated hair

Pools and salt sprays contain chlorine which can strip your hair of the freshly applied keratin and shorten the beautiful, sleek look. It can also damage the structural integrity of your hair shafts causing it to become prone to split ends and breakages. If you must go swimming, then be sure to tuck all of your hair inside a swim cap or avoid submerging your head under water.