How Summer Styling Means You Can Ditch the Heat

We give you a list of ways to style your hair and air dry your locks during the warmer months.

Summer Styling

Braids are your best friends!

Air dry your hair until damp or spray your brush with water to make it damp and then brush through hair. Next, put hair in two braids and go to sleep. In the morning, say hello to your new beautiful wavy hairstyle.

Want that sexy, undone, beachy hair? The right texturising product is the key!

Eleven Sea Salt Texture Spray is a lightweight spray that adds texture and volume without drying out your hair. If you’re looking for that ‘out of the sea, air-dried on the Sun’ look without the crunch, you know what to do!

Make the most of your natural curls!

If you already have curly hair, then you’re halfway there. The only thing left is to give your hair texture a bit of love! Use your favourite leave-in conditioner, define your curls with fingers and let it dry completely by air, keeping your hands or hairbrush away from your hair until then.

Going retro is so IN!

Two words – jumbo rollers. You can use them for curls, or you can use them to straighten your hair – pro tip: use plastic rollers rather than foam ones to help you achieve a smoother effect. Try your best to sleep on them or at least put up with them for a few hours et voila.

Chic up your curls game with a French braid!

There are millions and millions of tutorials on how to do one on yourself, or hey, make your best friend learn how to braid one. French braids are a classic, and if you braid your hair while still damp, the results are even better!