How To Freshen Up Your Hair Without A Major Change

Are you at the stage of your hair journey where you are not keen on experimenting and feel that you have found the hair look that suits you best? Or perhaps you’ve kept your hair simple and natural your whole life and you’d like to keep it that way?

Either way, you may be completely satisfied with your cut, colour and style but still feel the need to freshen up your hair look? As a professional hairdresser near Lindfield, Envy Room in Gordon has some ideas for you!


Some hairdressers recommend trimming your hair as often as every six weeks. A trim is an affordable way to get that salon experience while not making any major changes to your hair. It is a little luxury that can be enjoyed often enough and ensure that your hair remains fresh and healthy.

Add Layers

Even if you currently love the cut and style that you have going on with your hair, you’ll be amazed at how adding just the right amount of layers can really elevate your look without changing it completely. Don’t be afraid to consider layers next time you’re in the salon chair.


Treatments are probably the best way to enhance already-healthy hair. There are so many amazing smoothing treatments available that leave your hair looking beautiful and glossy. Furthermore, it makes your hair just that much easier to manage too!


Do you have a special event coming up and you want to look your best? Why not invest in professional styling services offered at a salon? This way, you get to enjoy expertly styled hair without making any permanent changes to your look.

Spoil Yourself With Some New Products

If you are happy with how your hair looks regarding the cut and colour, one way you can freshen up your look and spoil yourself is by investing in some new, salon-quality hair products. This is one way to create healthier and shinier hair and take your hair from good to great.

Looking for a reliable and professional hairdresser near the Lindfield area? Here at Envy Room in Gordon, we would love the opportunity to freshen up your look! Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your appointment or shop our top-quality hair products online.