Keratin Treatments: The Best Way To Care For Your Hair

Keratin treatments have been exceptionally popular for a good few years now, but are they worth the cost? As keratin treatment professionals on the North Shore, we have seen the tremendous benefits of keratin treatment north shore firsthand. But are these trendy treatments worthy of the hype that they deserve?

What Exactly Is A Keratin Treatment?

If you don’t fully understand what a keratin treatment is, it is a type of hair treatment that aims at making your hair more manageable, smoother and shinier. Your hair is actually made of keratin, which is a protein, and over time parts of this protein can become very damaged. A keratin treatment essentially fills in the keratin gaps in the strands.

Smooth, Strong Hair

Keratin treatments, when done correctly, have proven to offer results that are smooth, strong and free of frizz. People with frizzy hair are especially fond of keratin treatments as it takes away that hard-to-manage frizz while still leaving body and curls.


One of the main reasons people gravitate towards the keratin treatment is its long-lasting effects. A keratin treatment can last up to 6 months which is much longer than many other treatments available at hair salons.

Keratin Treatment Aftercare

To get the most out of your keratin treatment, there are a few aftercare guidelines that you need to follow. These include keeping your hair dry for around three days, using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, not washing your hair as often, keeping your hair down more than up, blow-drying your hair after working out, and using a silk pillowcase.

While these changes can definitely take some getting used to and aren’t for everybody, sticking to the specific guidelines set out for you by your hairdresser will ensure that your keratin treatment provides the desired effect. 

The Verdict

In general, keratin treatments can yield amazing results! It is always best to speak to a hair professional and ask their advice regarding whether a keratin treatment will work best for you and your particular hair type.

Looking to get a professional keratin treatment on the North Shore? Contact the expert team at Envy Room, and be the hair envy of everyone that knows you!