New Year; New Hair

The new year is an ideal time to change up your look a little, and one of the most effective ways to reinvent your look is with a new hairstyle. As hairstyling experts in Gordon, we love giving our clients gorgeous new looks to start their new year in style!

Have you been toying with the idea of enjoying a fresh new look? Here are some tips for ensuring that you are satisfied with your decision!

Take The Time To Get Inspired

The internet is a wonderful source of inspiration. By browsing through hair blogs and Pinterest boards, you should definitely find hairstyle ideas that suit your style, budget and current hair condition. Take your time when browsing through hair inspiration, and be sure to save the images that you connect to the most so that you can show your hairdresser. Also, decide whether you are looking for a subtle change or a drastic change, remembering that you only live once!

Consider Maintenance

Cutting or colouring your hair, and getting a new hair look, means that you will probably require more maintenance. Some looks are relatively low maintenance, while others require quite a lot of brushing, colour application, styling, regular trims or using specific products to maintain the look that you are after. Speak to your stylist about the maintenance that would be involved with the haircut that you are after. 

While colour is always considered high maintenance, certain colouring techniques such as Balayage can be grown out and require very little maintenance.

Choose The Right Hair Stylist

Choosing the right hairstylist can honestly make all the difference! Choose a hairstylist that has good reviews and a trustworthy reputation. In addition, select one with lots of experience working with a variety of hair textures, lengths and colours.

Are you looking for hairstyling services in Gordon? Here at Envy Room Salon, we have a team of experienced and trusted hairstylists in Gordon that have created new looks for dozens of clients! We’d love to be part of your new hair look! Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.