Prep Your Hair Look To Be Christmas Ready

YIKES, its only 10 weeks until Christmas. That means you have A LOT of events to go to over the next couple of months and you need to be armed with the latest hair looks to get you through the festive season.

It all starts with the prep. Take a look at your diary and work out when your most important events are an make your hair bookings accordingly. If you have quite a few events book your colour appointment for the day of the biggest party and a couple of blow-dries on the dates.

If you’re attending to your hair yourself follow these tips to look red carpet ready at home.

Hair Look for Christmas

Messy Bun that’s a little bit fun!


  1. Shampoo (twice) and leave a treatment in for ten minutes
  2. Add a styling mousse to your hair before blow-drying (this is the foundation of a long-lasting hair day)
  3. Smooth any frizzy areas out with a round brush until your whole head is smooth. (if your hair is fine add volume and bounce to the roots)
  4. Using your favourite ghd styling tool ad some soft waves around the face to frame your cheekbones. Wave all of your hair (even though you will be pinning most of it up, this creates extra volume and texture, allowing the style to form easily
  5. Put your part in and pull out the feature face-framing hairs
  6. Separate your hair into two ponytails on top of one another. The top one is positioned to hold the volume in the front, while the bottom one will be the anchor for your clips
  7. Start pinning the hair around the two ponytails fanning the hair out for texture. Spray bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo for extra holding power
  8. Once all the hair is pinned in place loosen some of the hair out for a more natural look.
  9. Finish with hairspray and add an accessory like a scarf or clip for extra glamour

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