Root Stretch: On Trend Colouring Technique

You’ve probably heard the term ‘root stretching’ a lot in the past few months but maybe you weren’t 100% sure what it means. We’ve got you covered! Root stretching is a colouring technique that blends out your natural hair colour giving you that effortlessly cool, no-stress, beautifully natural balayage that creates a gorgeous gradient style.

We are all about loving our roots lately – minimal fuss and maintenance but still gorgeous locks? Yes, please! Now more than ever, it’s time to embrace your roots and build your style around them.

We’ll apply colour to your roots and blend it down the strands to create a gorgeous, natural, blended colour. Once your hair starts growing, you can stretch your time between appointments since you won’t have that regrowth line to ruin the illusion.

The best part? The root stretching hair colouring technique works on all hair styles. It doesn’t matter what your hair colour is nor how you style your hair, it’s a super versatile technique and with just a few suggestions on our part, we will make you look and feel gorgeous. So if you’re still thinking of whether this style is the right for you – let’s sum up: it’s a low-maintenance, minimal effort style that looks flattering on all skin types and face shapes, plus it is bang on trend. We think we’ve made our case!

And remember, like with any dyed hair, it’s important to use all the right products so you can preserve your colour for as long as possible. If you need suggestions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll make sure you get the perfect products for your hair type that will improve your hair’s condition and nurture it to its full potential.