Tricks to Stretch the Time Between Your Hair Colour Appointments

Let’s be honest – who hasn’t felt like she was just at the salon when she spots her roots peeking through, or her hue turning a little brassy? Colour fading is inevitable but there are a few tricks that will help you extend the life of your hair colour and stretch the time between appointments.

Buy the right products. A good way to make your hue fade? Using a stripping shampoo. Make sure you use products that are specifically designed for coloured hair and that match your hair type. The best way to prolong hair colour vibrancy is to take care of it properly every day in-between colouring. We’re currently doing a huge sale – 25% off ALL hair products Gordon. Let us help you find your perfect combination of products!

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Mask regrowth. Some call it grey hair but some call it strands of glitter. If you play for no greys team and need a quick solution for when those grays start growing in, simply apply a root touch up product. We suggest trying our L’Oreal HAIR TOUCH UP Professional Root Concealer that instantly covers greys and lasts 1 shampoo. We will help you pick your perfect shade to blend away grey and show you how to use it for the best results. And if you have naturally lighter hair and your roots start showing up, try L’Oreal SERIOXYL VOLUMIZING COLOURED SPRAY that conceals sparse and lighter areas on the scalp, whilst volumising and bodyfying the hair for a natural-looking instant densifying effect.

Regrowth Mask

Don’t straighten your hair. Straightening your hair will make your roots more obvious. Instead, go for a wavy or curly hairstyle that will visually make your roots appear shorter and not as noticeable. EXTRA TIP: avoid heat as much as you can. Instead, don’t be afraid to get twisted. Braid your hair while still damp to achieve a heatless, natural curls that will protect your hair from too much heat and will break up the harsh line of visible roots.

Opt for a low maintenance hair colour. It might be the perfect time to switch to a low maintenance hairstyle such as balayage that will make your life just a tiny bit easier and also make your overall hair look amazing for a longer period.

Hair Colour Maintenance

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