What A Keratin Treatment Can Do For Your Hair

Did you know that your body makes keratin naturally? Keratin hair treatments take this protein and feed it back into your hair to boost its health and protect it from wear and tear. In the last decade, keratin hair treatments have exploded in popularity. You can even get some shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin, but to get the best results, you should get an in-salon treatment.
As experts at keratin treatment North Shore, we have seen the benefits that this amazing treatment has to offer, and we have seen many of our clients enjoy the results of their keratin treatment for many months. Some of these benefits include:
Keratin has the ability to bond the hair back together and give it a smooth, shiny coating that makes it look as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Swish your hair from side to side, and you’ll feel like a hair model.
Manageable Hair
Since your hair has a new, shiny coating, you’re less likely to experience knotting and matting. Brushing your hair and keeping tangles at bay is a lot easier after you’ve had a keratin treatment. Styling your hair may become easier, and you won’t need to brush and wash your hair as often as you had to before your keratin treatment.
Long-Lasting Results
One of the best things that a keratin treatment can offer your hair is its long-lasting results. It is a permanent treatment and lasts as long as 6 months if you don’t wash your hair too frequently. (2  to 3 times a week is recommended).
Hair Growth
Keratin won’t make your hair grow faster, but it may help you hold onto your length and make it appear as if your hair is growing faster because of the fact that it may help prevent split ends and breakage. You most likely won’t need to trim the entire length of your keratin treatment.
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