What Hairstyles Trendsetters Are Asking For At Gordon Salons

Want to know what’s hot in the world of hair right now? Need a bit of inspiration for your next hair look? Simply look at what the trendsetters in the area are asking for at Gordon hair salons!

As a luxury hair salon in Gordon, these are some of the hair trends we see emerging and making comebacks.

Block Colours

While balayage and ombre still have their place, what is really hot right now is block colouring, which come in many different forms. Think defined money pieces and fringes that are a different colour to the rest of your hair. Even definitive regrowth has a place in the block colour trend.

Early 2000s Inspired Styles

You know what they say, trends come back into fashion every twenty years or so. With that in mind, it’s really no surprise that more and more Gordon salons are getting requests for the early 2000s inspired looks. This means chunky highlights and lowlights with lots of layers!

Short Styles

Short styles are back in a big way! Many people are fed up with high maintenance hair and upkeep costs when it comes to long hair. Bobs are in, as always, as are more modern pixie cuts.


Yes, when it comes to ‘unnatural colours’, pastel colours are still in and aren’t going away anytime soon. Popular colour choices include lilac, baby blue and cotton candy pink. Want to be extra on-trend? Go for a pastel ombre effect!


Fringes have always been a way to express your unique style, and when trends start to change, one of the first places that we’ll see it, is in fringes. Right now, trendsetters are going for long, sweeping curtain bangs as well as sharp, blunt fringes. Although these styles are very different, both definitely make a statement.

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