What You Need To Know Before Getting A Fringe

Have you always dreamt about getting a fringe that will completely transform your look? With all of the disastrous DIY fringe videos found on the internet, it is no wonder that most people who have never cut a fringe before are wary of doing so.

At our hair salon near Davidson, we have cut hundreds of fringes, and we can confidently say that fringes do suit everyone...but it is very important that you go to a professional hairdresser who can expertly advise as to which fringe will suit your face shape the best. Besides choosing an expert stylist, there are a few other things that you should know before cutting a fringe. 

Find Reference Photos

Use apps such as Instagram and Pinterest to help you find fringes that you think will work with your style and face shape. That way, your hairdresser will have some sort of idea of what style of fringe you’re interested in and go from there.

It Will Take Time To Get Used to Your Fringe

A fringe has the potential to alter the look of your face completely. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t love your fringe straight away...it may take some time to get used to it. On that note, it may take you some time to learn to style your fringe. Ask your hairdresser Gordon for styling tips and advice before you leave the salon. Have fun with styling and try out accessories such as clips and headbands. Enjoy the new look! 

A Fringe Is A Commitment

Fringes can be high maintenance. You may need to make trips to the hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks to have your fringe trimmed, and if you plan to grow it out, it can be an awkward and lengthy process. That being said, it’s always a fun idea to try out a fringe, especially if you have never had one before. The experience is definitely worth the commitment.

Looking for a hair salon near Davidson? Book an appointment with one of the hair experts at Envy Room in Gordon today! We’ll give you the hair transformation of your dreams, or just a quality trim if that’s what you’re looking for. We would love to hear about your hair goals!