Why We Use Eleven Australia Products

Here at Envy Room, we ensure that we only use and stock the very best hair care and styling products that Australia has to offer. At our hair salon in upper North Shore, we are very proud to stock Eleven Australia’s comprehensive range of amazing products.

So what makes us believe in Eleven’s offering?

Proudly Australian

We like to support local brands as much as possible. Eleven is a proudly Australian company that attempts to source their ingredients as locally as possible.

Sulphate Free

Eleven makes use of cutting edge technology and innovations to ensure that all of their hair care products are sulphate free. And this has been the case since 2020. So you’ll see the ‘SF’ symbols on their packaging.


What we love most about Eleven’s products is that every single product in their range is free from parabens. Parabens are still in many other hair care products out there and are not good for your hair’s health.

Vegan Range

Eleven is an accredited PETE cruelty-free company. They have a full vegan range which is ideal for vegan customers. While not all of their products are vegan, the only animal products that they make use of are beeswax, sheep’s wool, and silk amino acids that come from silkworms.


The majority of Eleven’s range is entirely gluten-free. There are only a few products aimed at helping thinning hair that contain gluten.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is not a regulated term but has become quite popular in the beauty community. Eleven adheres to all global guidelines when it comes to ingredients and customer safety.

Natural Proteins

Eleven does not make use of synthetic proteins. Instead, all of the natural proteins that are used in their products come from sources such as plants and beans.

Recyclable Packaging

All of Eleven Australia’s packaging is 100% recyclable. Recycling guidelines differ from region to region, so ensure that you check these before recycling your used shampoo bottles etc.

Shop the wide range of incredible Eleven products in-store or on our website.

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