Why You Should Invest In Professional Hair Colouring Services Instead Of Using Shop-Bought Products

Many people opt to use shop-bought products when colouring their hair instead of going to a professional hair colourist, mostly because of the costs involved in going to a hair salon. But there is a reason that hair colourists cost the amount that they do. Unless you have some sort of hairdressing training, it is not recommended that you make use of store-bought products to colour your hair.

As hair colouring Gordon professionals, we have had to fix many DIY hair jobs, and we have seen extreme damage to the client’s hair. This is why you should not attempt to colour your hair at home.

You Will Not Reach Your Expectations

Most people have pretty high expectations when changing the colour of their hair or giving themselves a hair colour transformation. Unfortunately, when colouring your hair yourself, you are very unlikely to reach your expectations, and you’re bound to be left disappointed. 

A professional hair colourist is likely to exceed your expectations, and you’ll walk out of the salon happy with your new look.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The shades that you see on box dyes may not end up being the result if you have darker hair. If you want to achieve the colour on the box but have black or brown hair, you’re most likely going to have to bleach your hair first, which is not recommended to do at home.

You’ll End Up With Damaged Hair

Most box dyes are full of damaging chemicals which will just take the life out of your hair and may even cause irreversible damage if you leave the product on for too long.

Waste Of Money

If you do a box dye job on your hair and end up hating, you would have wasted your money on the dye and probably still need to fork out more for a professional colourist to fix the mess you created. If you had just gone to a professional in the beginning, the expense would be far lower.

At the end of the day, everyone has experienced, seen or at least heard of a bad box dye story. So let these stories act as warnings for those feeling tempted to dye their hair at home.
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